Getting to Grips with Photography


Photography Course in Port Elizabeth

(Six people per class)


  • 4 Two-Hour Evening Lessons
  • Over 4 Consecutive Weeks
  • 3 Assignments

This photography course is highly collaborative. Through practical assignments and professional feedback, you’ll learn how to take better photographs. You’ll experiment with camera angles, light, composition, subject matter and more to discover – for yourself – the fundamental ingredients of a great photograph.

This is not a technical course. You should have a basic understanding of camera controls so that you are able to benefit fully from the course content.

Course Outline:


Week 1

Getting to know your camera
Basic camera controls, and exposure
Assignment 1

Week 2

Assignment criteria and feedback
What makes a photograph?
Insight into subject matter, composition, lighting, framing, and colour versus black and white.
Assignment 2: Photographic Journey, as per prepared map.

Week 3

Assignment criteria and feedback
How to improve your images, making your images standout via use of lighting, composition, depth of field, etc.
Assignment 3: Photographic Journey, as per prepared map.

Week 4

Assignment criteria and feedback.
Open discussion and Q&A


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